Story Of Innila : Online Organic Journey

August 5, 2022

Story Of Innila : Online Organic Journey

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Every E-Commerce Journey comes from various paths of customer experience. But not all cases are the same, when it comes to ‘Innila’, a new mission towards delivering the best organic handmade products to its customers comes to mind. Though our journey hasn’t begun long back, our approach towards managing a perfect healthy skin and hair is crucial.



It all started from me, Mr. Sakthi, the owner and founder of Innila brand, coming up with new solutions understanding the pain points of humanity. The moment I realized to testify my goal and improvise considering various traditional sources, I thought of creating a new world where people can live a healthy life avoiding harmful chemicals and cosmetics that put their body under huge risks and surgeries. Using creativity and technology, our team was able to pull out successful hand-made organic products for hair and skin segments. We are indeed proud to precise the birth of Innila as India. Our brand name ‘Innila’ which means A Glow Of Moon, was established in 2018 as a homemade brand with a mission to offer its consumers a more beautiful and healthier self.


‘We at Innila believe that everyone deserves access to natural and safe personal care products and we strive to empower our consumers to recognize that they have a choice in their beauty and wellness routines.’


Our promise to consumers is not just a satisfying, much-affordable product but also we create new opportunities for vendors to become our sellers.




Despite how people seem it difficult to develop a multi-vendor Ecommerce marketplace for their business. We at Go1 Market design and develop an online store from scratch targeting all Industries and marketplace verticals focusing physical products, digital products, service-based, subscription-based marketplace, etc.


With firms running several storefronts and big networks for stock and order fulfillment, the resurgence of e-commerce is developing quickly. As a skilled provider of e-commerce web apps, Go1 Market makes brands stand out by providing them with robust commerce capabilities that allow for automatic operation.


From small or largest vendors, online selling platform is booming in business. Targeting diverse products and categories of goods in extending the marketplace to inspire stronger relationships with customers, we build an entirely new E-commerce cart recovery strategy.


As our trusted clients, the Innila brand, an organic brand of lifestyle products, met us with the requirement of designing an amazing multi-vendors online platform with various website features demands. Based on the rising trend in the market, the website was finally released online.


If you are interested in launching your own online multi-vendor marketplace solution, call Go1 Market now. 

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