Own Subscription-Based

Give your customer unlimited possibilities under one subscription platform.


Sell any subscription service, any way you want

Build your own subscription-based ecosystem & accelerate more sales connecting multiple vendors or businesses. Empower your brand with our fully customizable go-to-market channels (online website and mobile application). Provide omnichannel experience with advanced solutions and maximize productivity.

Milk & Diary Subscription Marketplace

Milk Market connecting huge giants and delivering fresh milk to customers daily.

TV Cable Subscription Marketplace

Streamline monthly recurring revenues connecting customers with broadcasting & cable TV stations.

Newspaper Subscription Marketplace

Let your customers subscribe to multiple newspapers & magazines from single marketplace.

Mineral Water Subscription Marketplace

Run a bottled & canned freshwater business connecting multiple brands and customers.

Mess Food Subscription Marketplace

A kitchen market with monthly subscription-based daily meal system for customers, students, etc.

Meat & Seafood Subscription Marketplace

Marketplace for butchers to start selling meat & seafood to customers in regular-booking-basis.

Subscription-Based Streaming Marketplace

A watch-house with multiple youtubers, production stations to streamline videos for customers.

Ultimate Marketplace For Subscription-Based Businesses

As entrepreneurs, build your own subscription-based marketplace locally or globally where you can manage multiple businesses and let them serve customers directly with monthly recurring revenue and commission earned.

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