How to start a Subscription-Based Multi-vendor Marketplace?

March 17, 2022

How to start a Subscription-Based Multi-vendor Marketplace?

by Admin

Subscription services nowadays have found a painless tech method of scaling their business by simply automating all their recurring billing operations. As a start, to make it easy-peasy, subscription business is one of the most popular business models that let vendors or sellers sell products or services by collecting weekly or monthly or yearly recurring payments that allow them to offer continued service or product to its customers. Based on some market research, studies have shown that due to the rising technology, many businesses have moved from one-time purchase formulas to subscription models that balances their financial level with constant or recurring based revenue. Go1 Market on the other side delivers new-aged Subscription-based marketplace business models to diverse industries and companies. 


Transformation of huge organizations objectives with subscription-based business have proven building a better, frictionless relationship with customers. With Go1 Market, you can achieve the next level of Ecommerce sphere with added modules. Though there are various revenue models like membership, commission, advertisement, and audience targeted, subscription business models play a crucial role that bridges the gap between vendors and consumers. 

Here are the different types of subscription-based multi-vendor marketplace business models:

  • Dairy & Milk Subscription

  • Water Can Subscription

  • Newspaper Subscription

  • Meat & Seafood Subscription

  • Daily Food Subscription

  • Grocery Subscription

  • Streamlining Subscription

  • Television subscription

  • Wifi Subscription


  • Scale business with own partner ecosystem & Website

  • Marketplace to harness the power of Multi-brands

  • One Platform to empower Point-Of-Sale connecting customers & vendors

  • Customer-friendly Mobile App for your business

  • Unwrap Flexible Subscription Plans & Pricing

  • Configure Pain-free billing rules to your subscription CRM portal

  • Offer Freemiums, Discounts, Coupons to drive more revenue

  • Frictionless checkout, multi-payment options & API Integrations

  • Setup recurring billing type, track and collect data simply


To manage billing and revenue collecting processes in online marketplace business, Go1 Market software comments a mix of features that customize all three; Payment processing, billing management and customer management. Before planning to build your subscription marketplace is it crucial to understand basic subscription marketplace workflow and their must-have features for the customer (buyer), the vendor (seller), and for the admins (online store owner). 


  • Self-service customer portal

  • Search & Filter products/events/services

  • Navigation Menu

  • Featured product & subscriptions

  • Recommendations

  • Timely email notifications

  • Update card information

  • Multiple Payment Methods

  • Simplified Checkout

  • Add Multiple Shipping Addresses

  • Invoice History

  • Track deliveries

  • Reminder and notifications

  • Review & Ratings


  • Vendor Registration

  • Dedicated Seller portal

  • Manage Subscription products/services

  • Subscription creation

  • Pause and resume Subscriptions

  • Linking Plans to products

  • Manage Coupon & Discounts

  • Loyalty Programs

  • Retention email campaign

  • Flexible Trial management

  • Segmented Subscriptions

  • Revenue Withdrawal


  • Intuitive Dashboard

  • Flexible API integrations

  • Tax Management

  • Trial management

  • Customizable invoice template

  • Auto-billing customers

  • Multi-currency recurring payments

  • Payment reminders

  • Commission Management

  • Custom Notifications

  • Email Alert message editing

  • Custom Action Buttons

  • Plan and pricing management

  • Discount & Coupon Management

  • Subscription Lifecycle email management

  • Financial, sales, tax & Activity based reports


Do you want to establish an extremely loyal customer base in the marketplace? Do you want to create more opportunities to build relationships and expand revenue streams? Do you want to simplify inventory management and predict a positive cash flow in business? Then boost your subscription-based Ecommerce business with Go1 Market and power the realm of subscription. Our unique software keeps up with your any vertical business witnessing limited impact and automates your entire operation improving customer retention rate. So…are you ready to start a subscription-based marketplace?

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